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Why I’m making promises to myself, instead of resolutions, for 2022.

December 31, 2021

Looking back over the past couple of years, it’s easy to feel deflated, defeated and the future of 2022 is filled with uncertainty. Yet again, we are stuck in a spiralling limbo which we don’t know when we’ll get out of.

Despite any achievements that have been made over the past year, it’s easy to dwell on what we haven’t accomplished. Let’s face it, none of us are where we thought we might be. As I scroll through my feed I can already see the trend of being ‘that girl in 2022’, which if I’m being completely honest, makes me feel sick to my stomach. The idea of setting myself rigid goals feels unattainable right now. I definitely have long-term goals and objectives that I want to work towards in life, both personally and professionally, but if you’ve read my post ‘Is the perfect morning routine trend another example of an unrealistic lifestyle’, you know that holding myself to a stringent routine packed full of tasks is not something I find appealing. Yes, consistency is key, but what works for someone you see on Instagram or TikTok, might not work for you.

So, instead of holding myself to ‘resolutions’ like eating healthier, reading a book a week or spending less time on social media (that will never happen), I’ve decided this year to make promises to myself which I hope will have a long-term impact on my overall health and mindset.

Spend more time looking after myself

This is something I try to achieve every week, and I always FAIL. My job means that I tend to have to speak to people nearly all day, everyday, and by the end of the working week all I want to do is sit on the sofa and do nothing (which is also okay). But to try and break the habit of feeling like I haven’t looked after myself I am going to try and make sure that I always have a moment in the week just for me. Whether that is giving myself a facial, taking myself off to sit in a café to read or write, or maybe it is as little as taking the time to light a candle, put some music on and just relax. I’m hoping little moments like this will help me feel recharged and also feel like I’m taking more care of myself.

Learn to take myself out of a negative mindset

I have always thought of myself as someone who has a positive outlook. But over the past couple of years it has become easy to get bogged down in negativity of the news, and the thoughts of those around you too. When this happens it’s easy to spiral into having continuous negative thoughts throughout the day and overreact to something that is small and insignificant. Although this isn’t always easy to just switch off I want to spend more time focusing on the little, positive moments throughout the day and shrug off any negativity that comes my way.

Find a balance that works for me

When there was a full lockdown I managed to find what worked for me, but for the past year I’ve struggled to find a balance which accommodates a healthy work/life balance. I’m either working long hours, never venturing out of the house, and when I try to organise anything sociable I tend to pack it all into the same week, leaving me feeling drained. I guess this ties into the more ‘me time’ promise but this year I really want to work on finding that balance between work, life and everything in between. I want to welcome the days that are for lounging around with open arms, and also embrace the busier days filled with loved ones.

With this in mind, I’m feeling optimistic for what 2022 has to offer. I think we will all have a bit of a bumpy ride again, but all we can do is focus on what’s right for ourselves. So what promises are you going to make to yourself?

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